Hitachi Kawasaki Partnership

Hitachi Kawasaki Sponsorship 2016.

Hitachi Power Tools Australia is excited to announce the second year of its involvement in Australian Motocross. 2016 will see Hitachi Power Tools continue its support of Kawasaki riders through Carroll Motorsport by sponsoring their MX1 and MX2 riders, as well as continued sponsorship of Kawasaki supported FMX rider Lance Russell and MX rider Meghan Rutledge.

Hitachi Kawasaki Sponsorship 2016

Hitachi Power Tools plans to build upon its successes from last year’s sponsorship platform in teaming up with Kawasaki Australia. Hitachi Power Tools saw the similarities between Kawasaki and its brand through high quality products, customer appeal and brand values.

This new partnership between Hitachi Power Tools and Carroll Motorsport will continue to reach Hitachi’s target demographics who are motorsport enthusiasts. Hitachi Power Tools sees this as an opportunity to further expose the brand through professional motocross athletes as brand ambassadors.

Hitachi Power Tools will continue to support women in motorsport. In 2016 Hitachi Power Tools will be sponsoring Meghan as she goes for the championship, as well as also sponsoring another up and coming Kawasaki supported FMX rider Katie Lucas.

Hitachi Power Tools looks forward to working with brand ambassadors and their teams and wishes all riders great success this year.