Hitachi Power Tools Office

Hitachi Koki Group Offers Consistent Quality Worldwide

Established in 1948, Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. maintains its position as one of world's leading power tool manufactures. The Hitachi Koki Group including the Research and Development Division in Japan and its sales subsidiaries in more than 30 countries (As of September 2015) around the world continues to be to contribute to society by offering innovative, high-performance and high-quality products and services that result in a high level of customer satisfaction.

The Group strictly evaluates quality at each of the development, design and manufacturing stages and conducts a final check of products from the customer's perspective. Quality evaluation tests product performance, function and durability under various test conditions. In addition, for the accurate measurement of component dimesions, it adopted the use of three-dimensional digitizers in 2001. Utilizing three-dimensional data prepared during the design phase, each component's complicated external dimensions can be measured with a high degree of precision in a short time. This helps maintain quality and reduce development time.

The Group has high-level production technologies for faster commercialization of high-performance, high-quality products. These include technologies for motor manufacturing and precision processing that support production of the latest brushless motors, rapid prototyping with the latest 3D printers, and facility automation with intelligent robots. With in-house development facilities that use these technologies and a high skilled workforce, the Hitachi Koki Group has achieved a highly efficient and flexible production system. The Group deploys these powerful production technologies at all manufacturing bases worldwide to support its highly efficient, high-quality production activities.




Hitachi Quality

Under a stringent quality control program, Hitachi power tools are without exception, subjected to rigid inspections and tests at each stage of processing. Each part is meticulously scrutinised for flaws by expert inspectors.

Components are thoroughly tested at assembly lines to ensure optimum performance, and each finished product is carefully examined to assure Hitachi's standard quality.


Hitachi Safety

Double-insulation power tools can be operated without external grounding. Designed and manufactured with the accent on safety and usability, Hitachi power tools are provided with various safety features such as brakes, safety covers, and clutches.

With particular concern for the prevention of common accidents, they are constructed to direct sawdust, metallic chips and other debris away from the operator.